How much time is allocated to image keywording?

How much time is allocated to image keywording?
KEYWORDS word written on wood block. KEYWORDS text on wooden table for your desing, concept.

While the process of creating content can be invigorating, it’s swiftly followed by the less glamorous task of keywording. This involves meticulously adding titles, descriptions, and keywords in a strategic order. Yet, if the content of the images is diverse, a straightforward copy-and-paste approach won’t suffice. It’s an arduous endeavor that demands attention to detail.

“I ran some numbers,” shares Luca Bertolli, the founder of Minerva Studio. “Keywording an image from scratch, even with lightning speed, demands a minimum of 2 minutes. One must craft a title consisting of no fewer than 5 words, draft a distinct and comprehensive description, and strategically place keywords to ensure that the first 5 are the most pertinent. Failure to do so risks losing relevance on platforms like Adobe Stock. Now, picture churning out 100 images in a week; optimistically speaking, that’s 200 minutes, or over 3 hours.”

He continues, “Now, compound that with the backlog of images awaiting indexing—perhaps a thousand strong. The math speaks for itself.”

Enter, a game-changer in this labor-intensive landscape. It streamlines the entire process, accomplishing in minutes what would traditionally consume hours. Moreover, it does so with precision, sparing users the need for manual intervention.

“It’s a microstock contributor’s dream tool,” Bertolli asserts, speaking from his vast experience, having facilitated the sale of nearly 3 million licenses over his illustrious career. brings this time to zero.